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PTG Energy Public Company Limited


Our logistic service was created for the competitive edge in delivering our oil to each service station and to COCO and DODO customers. The transportation service is growing in accordance to our other businesses, but the growth also gives importance to safety needs and environmental concerns.


We are licensed as a business and oil transporter since June 2003.

Quality and safety is at the heart of our transportation. Most of our vehicles are the trusted Volvo, while our 10-wheelers are ISUZU. Our fuel tanks are the best quality in Asia from the design and the materials used, in accordance to NFPA385 and PT2 standards. The fuel tanks are calibrated every 3 years according to the law and each of our transport is equipped with GPS.

Our logistics service is of the highest standard. The infrastructure and procedures, the technology and resources, the vision and mission are all built towards the purpose of excellence – all our measurable by customer KPI.

COCO and DODO delivery standards are most effective.


From the order to the delivery, everything is done in an efficient, safe and orderly fashion as in accordance to the rules of the Transport, Energy and Labor Ministries, as well as the international standard. We pay attention to every small details in order to deliver the best service possible, safely and on-time. Our transportation service is divided into two groups:

  • From our headquarters at Thai Oil, Sriracha, Cholburi, we deliver to 6 Fleets at Saraburi, Paktongchai, Konkaen, Lampang, Maeklong and Chumporn. Our trailers have the capacity of 36,000-45,000 liter. We feature low cost and high capacity for the competitive and revenue edges.
  • From ten-wheelers to trailers, most of which have the capacity of 15,000-20,000 liter, we service our customers at the round-trip distance of not more than 700 kilometers. For farther distance, we employ trailers with the capacity of 30,000-45,000 liter in order to save costs.


We started with 20 semi-trailers and have expanded continuously. Today, we have ten-wheelers 302 nationwide

The table shows the number of buses oil.
Type Number of Oil Truck
Total Capacity
(millions liters)
Trailers 233 10
10-whell truck 277 5

A steel tank ten-wheeler with 15,000 liters capacity.

An aluminum tank ten-wheeler with 20,000 liters capacity.

A steel  tank trailer with 30,000 liters capacity.

A steel tank trailer with 36,000 liters capacity.

An aluminum tank trailer with 45,000 liters capacity.

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